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Pintarget is one month old…

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We’ve met lots of clients; from some of the biggest in the world to recent start ups. They all have the similar problems, they all have local issues in their businesses, maybe an area is under-performing, or they need to know how they can drive sales through a retailer or they need to reach a specific audience? All quite granular and difficult to solve. We’ve been talking to a broad church of brands; retailers, drinks brands to funeral directors, very different businesses with all with very similar issues.

We are working with lots of media owners and they’ve all been brilliant. Some of the biggest, like Sky, have bent over backwards to help. We’re also meeting lots of hyper-local media owners who have fascinating businesses that really deliver, they all struggle to get in-front of clients, we’re building an easily accessible hyper-local database that will put interesting, relevant local media in-front in touch with clients who work with us. We’ve commissioned research through YouGov that shows that local media is highly trusted and is a different world to national media, traditional local media channels are still very powerful and highly valued by consumers.

We’ve spent a lot of time understanding shopper media with our partners RMI. How can we create a seamless door to store shopper journey? How do we measure it and most importantly, how will it change with digital? It’s fascinating, largely ignored by media agencies and f***king important in influencing consumers behaviour. We’ve had great dialogue with Eagle Eye, who are doing amazing work in this space.

We’re building a test market product. Clients can come to us to test new brands in a discrete part of the UK and we’ll do everything for them, from getting distribution to developing all marketing and promotional collateral to delivering advertising to accessing really robust data and insight. We’re launching this next month. Can’t tell you where it is, but we are working closely with the Kent Messenger Group!

We’ve now got access to amazing hyper-local data sources ranging from CACI to Huq (live locational mobile data.) We’re about to become a connected partner with Neilsen for the Spectra database, which is amazing source for mapping grocery brand performance, we think we’ll be the first agency in the UK to work with them.

Our tech platform is about to go live, which is really exciting. It will allow us automate briefing, mapping and analysis of hyper-local data.

Has it been fun? A bit, but pretty manic, mainly pretty hard graft, but we’re starting to make real progress.


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