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We’re four months in…

By June 8, 2018 No Comments

We’ve just finished our fourth month, it’s sometime scary, sometime brilliant, always busy at Pintarget HQ.

We’re starting to get work out, highlights among a few campaigns:

A radio and leaflet campaign for Tetley Tea supporting Co-op stores in Scotland.

Extending our work we did for Coca-Cola last year into other European markets.

We’re talking to a lot more media owners, especially digital locational media. We are developing a database of every hyper-local opportunity ranging from addressable TV to people who deliver cupcakes. We’re doing more and more with people like Bitposter and Sky AdSmart.

We’ve got a load more data sources and are starting to produce some amazing work. The Huqdata on mobile journeys is amazing, it shows real journeys in real time with amazing precision. We’re about to become Nielsen Spectra’s first preferred partner in the media world. Again incredible data on where people who buy products in specific stores live.

We met yesterday with Geolytix, who have incredible mapping software and local data. They’ve mapped average wi-fi speeds by location across the UK. We hope we can work with them in the future.

And we are on the road 24/7, talking to potential clients; everyone from super-cars to cheese importers, garden centres to energy drinks. We’re doing a lot of consultancy projects, so we’re working with clients and their media agencies.

We’re about to join the Harbour Extended Agency Collective, which means we will be affiliated and working with some of the most exciting, independent agencies and research companies in the UK.

We need projects to work on, come and brief us in our new offices in Linen Hall in Regent Street, come and have a cup of tea!

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