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Divided Nation – Brexit Shopping Habits

By July 10, 2018 No Comments

The European Referendum has revealed deep fissures in the UK that have been festering for, at least, a generation, the issue is that the Referendum has surfaced them and is making the nation more divided. The nation is deeply divided socially, locationally and attitudinally.

We explored the choices amongst leavers and remain about food preferences and where they shop.

According to YouGov, 53% of leavers favourite cuisine is British, followed by Chinese, Italian (pizza, we guess, which is really American rather than European,) Indian and then American. 50% of Remainers favourite cuisines is British, followed by Italian, Chinese, Indian and Mexican. The preference for British cuisine is interesting, we suspect it’s local and varies hugely between social groups and regions, we’d guess the perception of British cuisine in Teeside isn’t the sames as British cuisine in Tonbridge Wells. Also Remainers have slightly more adventurous palates, possibly having travelled further afield (Thai is a favourite amongst 26.5% of remainers vs 22.6% leavers.)

What is more telling is where people shop for food, we indexed Remainers and Leavers declared grocery retailer choice indexed against the national population. It’s hardly shocking that the most overindexing Remainer grocer of choice was Ocado (1.28% vs 0.93%, index 137), followed by Waitrose (121,) Sainsbury’s (16%, index 116) and perhaps surprisingly, the Co-op (2.23%, index of 112.) Maybe the ethical brand values of the Co-op have greater appeal to Remainers? All in all, more affluent, southern biased and premium retailers appeal to Remain voters.

The major supermarkets like Tesco, ASDA, Aldi and Lidl are pretty evenly balanced. The outliers for Leavers are Morrison’s (13.35%, index of 116) and Iceland (1.85%, index of 115.) These are surprising for us, we thought the discounters would attract a greater Leave preference, as a lot of the dissatisfaction is economic, but there again they may appeal more to younger shoppers, whereas Morrison’s and Iceland may have an older demographic.

Over the next few months, we are exploring how the nation is dividing…more to follow.


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