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Weekly Topical News – 15/7/19

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Welcome to this week’s topical news post.

The rise of programmatic outdoor: What advertisers need to know

Online advertising is not the only media to be revolutionised by programmatic. Digital out-of-home can also be traded.

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Advertising’s responsibility to tackle climate change

Climate change is at a critical level and changes need to be made. For marketers, the more effective we at our jobs and more is consumed, the worse the climate gets.

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Netflix Insists It Won’t Move Into Selling Advertising

With the vast amount of new Netflix original content, it is no wonder they are needing to put their prices up. The costs are being passed onto the consumers and not to advertisers.

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Re-inventing local radio

With the ever-expanding amount of technology and ways for users to consume content, it is no wonder that radio needs to keep an eye on the future and react.

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Facebook invests in spam ad crackdown following Martin Lewis settlement

Facebook users can now easily report adverts they believe to be scams and a dedicated team has been created to focus on the issue.

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