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Weekly Topical News – 22/7/19

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Welcome to this week’s topical news post.

How would you really define TV? The future of TV debate

The TV industry has come along with the addition of addressable content. The big question is, what is going to be the biggest disruptor of the TV industry?

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Mobile continues to drive growth in European digital advertising

Data shows that across all formats, mobile ad spend is still catching up to media consumption habits, with a high amount outside of the social platforms.

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Product advertising is driving spend growth in search, social, marketplace

We can see that platforms are investing in commerce advertising. This is resulting in a host of new marketing opportunities for retailers.

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Facebook shrugs off challenges to post 28% second-quarter growth in ad revenues

With over 1.5 billion daily users in June, they have shown a 28% year-on-year increase in advertising revenue for the second-quarter.

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Bauer’s takeover of radio businesses raises competition concerns

The Competition and Markets Authority has been investigating Bauer Media’s takeover of multiple radio businesses.

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