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Weekly Topical News – 12/8/19

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Welcome to this week’s topical news post.

UK consumers switch to online streaming en masse

With the sales of video games, DVDs and CDs dropping by up to a fifth, retailers are feeling the pain.

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Facebook admits contractors listened to users’ recordings without their knowledge

Facebook is caught out again in regard to privacy issues by admitting that human contractors have listened to recordings without users knowledge.

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How marketers can unlock the potential of native video ads in the age of TikTok

With the ever-increasing use of mobile phones, video content is becoming the most popular mobile activity.

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Hyperlocal marketing, for e-commerce?

Hyperlocal advertising is mainly used to drive footfall into stores, but it can also be used for online sales.

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25 years of digital ads and beyond: The Drum Digital Advertising Awards APAC

With The Drum advertising awards coming up and digital banners being 25 years old, The Drum has spoken with a range of industry experts.

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