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Weekly Topical News – 23/09/19

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Does a brand need a ‘flavour’? Mastercard’s CMO thinks it does

The financial giant’s chief marketing officer has introduced macarons at every events sponsored by Mastercard.

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Climate crisis: 6 million people join latest wave of global protests

Over 2 million people are estimated to have skipped school as a result of 16-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg’s motivational speeches.

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Labour commits to 32-hour working week within a decade

The party is looking to set up a Working Time Commission to promote the increase of statutory annual leave entitlements.

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Global spending on digital marketing nears $100 billion: study

The amount spent on digital marketing in the US and the UK has seen an increase of 44% and has reached $52B alone.

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Blaming pilots for ailing profits could lead to more strikes, BA told

4,521 British Airways flights have been cancelled to account for the strikes ahead throughout September.

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