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Weekly Topical News – 30/09/19

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Marketing Week Masters Awards 2019: The specials winners

The brand of the Year being Greggs – powered by YouGov

Read more on the Marketing Week




UK and US sign landmark Data Access Agreement

This will allow British law enforcement to obtain critical data relating to security.

Read more on Gov.UK



Netflix given €57,000 tax rebate by UK government in 2018

Despite the streaming giant making £700M from British subscribers, with the £8.99 option being the most popular.

Read more on The Guardian



More than a quarter of UK mammals face extinction

The State of Nature report involved over 7000 species and have determined that there is a 13% decline in average abundance of the species studied.

Read more on BBC




No-deal Brexit may make touring Europe ‘unviable’ for UK artists

This could make it significantly harder for artists to perform in individual EU-member states as they could face extra issues with documentation.

Read more on The Guardian



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