Marketing on a budget

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Ecotricity is Britain’s greenest energy company. No, really. They were the first energy company to bring renewable energy to the UK as far back as 1995 when they launched.

Their mission is to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain, but most importantly, to end fossil fuels. Their growth has culminated in the building of wind and solar farms that power homes across the UK. Ecotricity reinvests it into renewable energy assets that continue to power the nation for every pound that customers spend. Their newest mission is to bring ‘green gas’ to the UK.

Marketing is challenging for the team since most profits are reinvested into their nation powering tech.

Head of Marketing at Ecotricity and Ecotalk, Rachel Preen, joined the What’s Possible Community sessions to share how Ecotricity finds and reaches new customers on a limited budget.

Test-and-learn with ‘William’

We do little, small, tiny tests, and then we scale up if they go well,” Rachel explained.

Ecotricity enlisted the help of Pintarget to reach a more local audience to see what data they could generate for a test-and-learn campaign.

The first step was creating a customer persona. They determined that the most valuable customer they should target in their test was a person they named ‘William’.

They pinned him to a certain region of the UK and then determined how he prefers to be communicated with and what kind of messages would motivate him.

The only thing, of course, probably like most organisations, is your best customer is the trickiest to get hold of. William is challenging for us to access because he doesn’t like traditional channels. He’s not going to respond to a Google ad. He’s not going to be on social media,” Rachel remarked.

The team decided that targeted TV brand advertising would be the way to go. Pintarget began to index postcode regions that they could target to find and communicate with the UK’s Williams. They then got a production studio to produce a television ad on a super tight budget.

Pintarget suggested several other mediums to target ‘William’ in the specific test regions in Twickenham, Kingston, and Tonbridge.

Along with AdSmart targeting on TV, Pintarget identified which regions would have online display and door-drops. Each region received its unique blend of mediums:

  • Kingston: TV and online display
  • Tonbridge: TV and door-drops
  • Twickenham: TV, door-drops, and online display

After the campaign ran, the number of ‘Williams’ from Twickenham that visited Ecotricity’s website increased by 719%. Targeted sales were up 291% when compared to 25% up in their national marketing strategy.

The marketing team at Ecotricity is ready for more insight harvesting around the UK to learn more about prospective customers. However, they will still control their budget within their means and keep it as penny-wise as possible.

We are not going to be making massive leaps. They will be incremental leaps. If we do a second trial, perhaps, we can move to another region and spend more in that region. We want to do that again,” Rachel concluded.

Marketing on a budget provides a unique adventure for any marketing team to find efficient, laser-focused methods to target customers that hits the nail squarely on the head, as evidenced by Ecotricity.