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What’s Sky AdSmart?

For the first time, high quality TV advertising campaigns are available to every client, irrespective of the size of their budget. Additionally, Adsmart campaigns are planned using a variety of data sources and every response can be accurately evaluated. It’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool, clients can access high performance, targeted TV advertising at the cost of a social media campaign.

AdSmart from Sky is a unique technology to target specific audiences through addressable TV advertising. Using over 200 data sources Adsmart can deliver messages to specific Sky viewers defined by previous purchasing behaviour or location.

It’s both targeted and broadcast. Sky’s AdSmart reaches 40% of UK homes. Addressable TV ads are served to targeted specific Sky and Virgin Media households belonging to a particular target audience. So we can target 1% or 100% of Sky and Virgin Media homes.

This technology allows brands to explore TV advertising without the need of a national budget. In fact, as the ad is played only when a selected audience is watching tv, no impression is wasted. Additionally, an impression is only counted if three quarters of the ad is viewed.

How does it work?

AdSmart downloads ads onto individual households’ Sky and Virgin set top boxes. It automatically replaces ads running in linear TV with targeted ads, specific to that household. This also includes recorded content if a customer is watching recorded content and views the ads at normal viewing speed then the AdSmart ad can play out.

This means that if you and your neighbour are watching the same programme on Saturday night on a Sky or Virgin set-top box, you might see different ads without realising it. It includes most channels that Sky have advertising contracts for; their own plus Channel 5, Discovery, and Sky Sports channels (excluding live broadcasting for Sky Sports.)

Why Pintarget?

Delivering effective Adsmart campaigns is a complex process that requires expertise. It requires a wide range of skills in content creation, data planning, TV negotiation, and access to tools to measure effect.

Pintarget are the only locational media specialist agency in the UK and are experts in using Sky Adsmart. We won a Thinkbox TV planning award in 2019 for our work with Sodastream and are currently shortlisted for an award for our work with Jet.

We provide all elements of campaign management for effective AdSmart campaigns.

Our process:

Scoping the project 

Understanding the commercial objectives and scoping possible solutions.

We have access to multiple previous campaigns and can help model the response from a potential budget. We advise what level of exposure clients should budget for, how much it will cost and what response they may get.

Audience planning: who to target?

Addressable TV offers a huge array of targeted, customisable audiences that advertisers can select. AdSmart offers 210 different audience criteria including purchasing behaviour (e.g. Mastercard and Nectar data), lifestyle and interests (e.g. DVLA data), life-stage events (e.g. reaching home movers with TwentyCi data), demographic, and TV viewing habits.

Pintarget are able to identify your ideal target audience either by analysing your customer data or by creating a bespoke audience through YouGov and CACI Acorn data. We have access to huge amounts of data to enable brands to target their most valuable customers.

Location planning: where to target?

Pintarget are experts at location marketing – a data journey that identifies where brands should invest by location.

We are able to identify the key postcode areas/sectors where your audience is likely to live creating audience hotspots.  We can make recommendations on how to best target your customer, for example, by proximity to specific stores.

Campaign planning: how do we make it work?

We are experts at planning Sky AdSmart campaigns and we are able to identify the optimal coverage, frequency, campaign length to give you the best results. We also offer highly competitive pricing.

Content creation

We work directly with production companies who are experts in producing high quality commercials on a budget. The most important element of this is creating a brief that encapsulates exactly what the client wants to achieve, we manage this with the client to achieve clear communication objectives that will work.

We establish budgets with clients, often using existing footage to save cost. We work closely with our preferred production companies to deliver exactly what the client wants, overseeing all elements of the process and getting Clearcast approval.


TV advertising needs amplification from other response-led channels to maximise effect. Viewers are usually doing something else and usually respond via another digital medium. We are able to retarget households we’ve reached through TV with other channels, whether extending the message to smartphones targeted by location, targeted door-drops by postcodes, or poster sites in proximity to stores we are targeting.

Measurement: how do we know it works?

Depending on your KPI’s we offer different ways to measure campaign results including:

  • Brand evaluation studies: to measure brand awareness, ad recall, etc.
  • Sales attribution: matching sales data to IP addresses
  • Web attribution: matching web activity to IP addresses

All post-campaign analyses will contain review data such as total impressions, reach, and frequency.


We deliver high quality, controlled, targeted TV campaigns at a similar cost to a social media campaign. An integrated campaign including planning, production, measurement, and airtime starts at £30,000.

“I was confident the results would be positive, but they’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Áine Corkery, Manager, Brand UK Marketing, Phillips 66 Limited




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