The brief

Silent Pool, a local distillery in the heart of the Surrey Hills, was struggling to drive sales during the recent lockdown.

A unique lockdown bundle was created in collaboration with Fever Tree for the special price of £75 sold directly via their website.

Our strategy

Pintarget identified Silent Pool’s target audience using a mix of client data fused with our own bureau data.

The idea was to introduce the brand to areas of the UK where there was a high proportion of target customers and currently a low volume of sales.
Pintarget firstly identified the Silent Pool audience through YouGov data, then matched CACI Acorn Types to find where they live. Once the Acorn Types were identified, we were able to recognise the postcode areas with the highest percentages of the Silent Pool target audience.

The campaign

We used hyper-local TV using AdSmart technology to target specific high -index postcode areas.

We delivered a national weight campaign to core audiences in specific areas.
This ensured highly efficient use of the marketing budget.
Pintarget is Clearcast certified and can manage ad development and approval.
We work with production partners to get great ads on air for less than £10,000.

The results

31.93% increase in new website visitors compared to the previous period

400% increase in DTC sales compared to the previous period

46.11% increase in revenue compared to the previous period

“We completely buy into the Pintarget approach.”

Ian McCulloch, Founder and CEO of Silent Pool Distillers, former Commercial Director of ITV