To run an ATL test marketing campaign in the Edinburgh region for 68 stores and measure the success of the campaign versus Glasgow and other Scotmid stores for Tetley 240 Teabags on a half price promotion. It ran over a 10 day period to maximise impact.

Marketing content used:

Instore – 2 mini bus stop pennants in the Tetley and biscuit isles

Radio: Forth 1 & 2 – a 20” ad at 6.6 OTH – delivering reach of 375k (33% of population in Edinburgh)

Leaflets: A5 leaflets – Royal Mail delivered an A5 printed leaflet to households in Edinburgh. Households were selected based on heavy users of Tetley and coupon users


The campaign created an uplift in sales (of Tetley 240s) of 61% versus the control stores

Sales increased by 17% post campaign (against pre) versus -25% in the control stores

Sales of all Tetley original tea products as a whole (including the 240s) increased by 14% during the campaign period (static in the control)