What is location marketing?

Location marketing enables brands to communicate with consumers based on their physical location. Data-driven location marketing allows brands to simultaneously target multiple locations and audiences with locally relevant content through on and offline media channels.

Understanding the influence that location has on any business can have a huge impact on business success and locational insights can be applied through all elements of your marketing strategy.

Why is it relevant?

Covid and lockdowns have changed how we all behave. Home shopping has rocketed, while people are more focused on their communities. Brands’ local reputation matters more, a poor location marketing strategy can invalidate the millions invested in national brand building.

We make national strategies local. We use huge amounts of data to enable brands to target their most valuable customers. The benefit is significant improvement on almost all KPIs.

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What are the benefits?

Location marketing isn’t local marketing. It’s a data journey that identifies where brands should invest by location. We profile clients’ data, we take national segmentations and make them local, we can find the highest potential consumers. We can track customer journeys through smartphones. Most importantly, we do this across multiple locations. This process highlights locational hotspots - postcode sectors with the highest growth potential.

We then create marketing strategies that engage local consumers in a cost-effective way using addressable media channels with relevant local messages specific for that audience.