We have a close relationship with a range of media and marketing companies helping us get you the best deals.


We have unique relationships with a wide range of media, marketing and data companies giving unique access to local markets.

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CACI – InSite is a Geographic Information System (GIS)

Bringing data, analysis, mapping and reporting seamlessly together. It allows clients to analyse the geographic or catchment area for data such as expenditure or residential or worker population.

InSite stands out from other GIS tools because it couples functionality with ease of use and is powered by CACI Data; the most granular, accurate and current consumer demographic, lifestyle, behavioural and spend data available.


YouGov Profiles

Profiles is a segmentation and media planning tool. It is powered by a connected data vault, which holds over 190,000 data points, collected from 275,000 GB YouGov members.



Live market intelligence platform, based on monitoring behaviour of consumers via data from over 700 apps.

Nielsen Spectra

Using Nielsen, using demographic, consumption and media data, manufacturers and retailers can identify consumers and demand for their products.